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Contact: Kathy Englehart
Phone: 253-569-0952
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My name is Kathy Englehart and I am an It Works! Independent Distributor. I started my business with It Works, because the products are amazing and work so good.  But the company is truly amazing.  They truly care about their Distributors and Customers. The compensation plan and Loyal Customer Perk Points are truly rewarding.
What is your business name: Wrap stars wanted,
It Works! Independent Distributor
How long have you been in business? Since August 2012.
How did you initially fund your startup for the business? I paid the $99.00 on my own, I knew the investment would be worth it!!
What is the biggest hurdle that you still struggle with in owning your own business? Getting others to join the company, so many are afraid to start, but the company has made it so simple to join and succeed.  3 easy steps!!
Is your business paying the bills or is this just a hobby? Paying my bills and buying my products.
Please tell us how much you profit in your business on a monthly basis. The profit varies depending on the Month, but I make more then the average level I am on.  I have not spent any of my own money to keep this business going, it has all been from the money I make from the company.
What is the inspiration that keeps you going everyday in your business? My girls and husband.  I want to be able to give them all they need.  Be able to become debt free.
Where do you see your business in 5 years? Debt Free with a strong team who are also debt free.  Have my Loyal Customers loving the products!!
Do you have any advice for moms who already have their own business? Stay Positive, don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone.
Do you have any advice for moms who are just starting out? Stay organized, ask your upline for help, get connected to trainings, conference calls, team meetings.
How many hours do you work your business per week? 20 hours a week.
How do you find balance between your family and your business? I do alot of the working between their schedules.  Schedule my work around times when I know it won’t take time from the family.